Why work with us and what we expect

Cloud 3D Print offers a challenging, unique, and diversified work environment. We care about each employee’s needs and offer flexible work schedules and the option to work remotely. Employees can challenge themselves with learning and career development opportunities, and we perpetuate growth from within our organization.

Data deep dive
Data deep dive

Employees are expected to have strong analytical and self-learning skills. An ideal candidate can deep dive in their areas and bring creative ideas and knowledge to power product development.

Goal focused
Goal focused

Employees are expected to be result-oriented and have strong time-management skills to ensure goals will be met within imposed deadlines.


Employees are expected to be self-motivated and to not only complete the work but also take responsibility and initiative in their area of focus.

Apply for us

Please include the job title in the email subject and send your resume and cover letter as an attachment. We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Java developer

Full Time

We are looking for back-end Java developer to start as soon as possible. He/She must have Canadian PR or citizenship. He/she should have the experience of building projects with Spring boot, Java 1.8(Maven) , developing Java/JEE applications, including : Spring MVC, REST APIs , JPA, Hibernate, Spring security, JWT token-based authentication (cross-domain), MySQL database design and implementation. It is nice to have Linux system deployment operation experience. He/she is required to have developed practical Java program previously (including school projects) and has experience with the Sprint Boot framework.

Frontend developer

Full time/ Co-op

We are looking for frontend developer starting from June/July 2021. He/she must have Canadian PR or citizenship. He/she must have the experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, J-Query and AJAX. Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks (Ionic, Vue.js, THREE.js), integration (REST APIs and Websocket) and Java is definitely an asset. Also, Knowledge of UI and UX and working with mockups is required. He/she is required to have developed practical project previously (including school projects) and is required to collaborate with backend developers.

UI/UX developer


We are looking for UI/UX developer to create wire-frames, interactive prototypes, and mock-ups. He/She must have Canadian PR or citizenship. He/She is required to design web-based programs in Figma, as well as UI visuals and mobile/web layouts and should be familiar with writing graphical user interface design and graphical interface specification documents. Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is preferred for design and interaction decisions.

QA Tester

Contractor / Part Time / Internship / Co-op / Summer Job

We are looking for QA tester start from July 2021. He/She must have Canadian PR or citizenship. The individual will be responsible for creating testing plan, perform functional testing and integration testing, and work with developers and customers to resolve bugs and technical issues. It is required to have manual or automation testing experience and know how to use testing software (TestMonitor and LambdaTest). The software testing contract will be 3-4 month, if candidates are qualified and have software development skills, we can provide a full time software development job.

AI Engineering Associate

Full time / 1 year Coop

We are looking for an AI associate in the area of deep learning and computational vision. He/She is required to have work/research experience in deep learning and knowledge of TensorFlow / Keras / PyTorch. Knowledge of 3D printing experience is an asset. As this AI project collaborates with the University of Toronto, students or recent graduates (master degree within three years) are preferred. This job also offers the opportunity to use supercomputer resource and the University's 3D printer lab.

Dev/Ops Engineer

Full time

We are looking for an Dev/Ops Engineer to improve operations for build, release, deployment and reliability on DAIR Cloud and AWS. He/she is required to have work experience on CI/CD pipeline with Github Actions or Jenkins, knowledge of Docker and Ubuntu, server distribution and cost analysis. The job is part-time, but it can be full time if you are also experienced with Java development or software testing.

Marketing coordinator

Full Time / Contractor / Part Time / Internship / Co-op

The individuals will take the lead on producing pictures, videos and articles and review for the functions of software and 3D printing industry. He/she will also maintain social media account (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter), operate event or customer loyalty program, etc. The full time candidate should have 2+ marketing experience of industry experience in software marketing. Knowledge of 3D printing industry is a definitely asset, he/she should have strong understanding of general marketing ideas and strategies, and should willing to learn more about 3D printing and all the amazing advantages it can offer.

We also welcome part time workers or contractors for project-based jobs and internship and co-op opportunities for students.

Videographer & Editor

Contractor / Part Time / Internship / Co-op

The individual will be required to film and edit product videos for the use of B2B and B2C marketing, including advertisements designed for YouTube, and product introduction videos to be sent for lead generation. Also, the individual is required to maintain the social media and should be able to multitask and work towards several milestones on various projects.

3D Printer Tester

Contractor / Part Time / Internship / Co-op

The individual will be required to test different 3D printers with our software. Must be familiar with the firmware and the structure of FDM 3D printer. Can detect 3D printer issues. He/she is required to assist in Youtube channels and generate contents on a weekly basis. Strong communication and customer service skills are required.

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