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Introducing an all new integrated online slicing engine. Slicing has never been so accessible and worry-free.

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Slicing Features


Customize your slicing profile using adjustable slicing parameters.


Cloud 3D print’s recommended slicing profiles have been fine-tuned for the best printing experience.

Cloud Storage

Store your 3D models and sliced files on the Cloud.

Powerful Online 3D Viewer

  • Compatible with all contemporary browsers.
  • Supports all common 3D files types: STL, OBJ, G-code, with high-quality staging.
  • Use simple move, zoom, rotate controls with your mouse or keyboard.
  • Inspect and change the 3D model’s mesh, colour, texture, material, and animation data.
  • View 3D models in different shading modes such as meshes, wireframe, x-ray and many more.
  • Analyze 3D model geometry and layers.


Cloud 3D Print is compatible with over 150 commercial FDM 3D printers, and we keep on updating our database regularly.

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Bring your 3D models to real-life with just a few clicks


Enrich your 3D printing experience with data collection


Slice CAD models on the go from anywhere in the world

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