Cloud Storage

Managing your 3D printing workflow in our cloud storage is easier than ever. Our storage features are central to your 3D printing needs as they help streamline data while keeping it safe.

Our online cloud storage system automatically organizes your data according to your personal preferences.

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A New Way to manage your 3D printing workflow in a cloud

1GB Free Space

1GB space can accommodate an estimated 595 photos, 20 1-minute videos, and 1000’s of files. With Cloud 3D Print, you get 1GB of storage for free.

Optimize Project Workflow

Everything stored on our platform is easily accessible from compatible devices and a valid internet connection.

Support 3D Viewer

Cloud 3D Print’s revolutionary 3D viewer lets you view stl, obj, 3mf, and gcode files. This 3D viewer is supported by our cloud and requires no downloading, taking a load off your devices.

Keep Data Secure

Safety of your data is our highest priority. The server infrastructure we use puts strong safeguards in place to protect your privacy and data, with all transactions to and from our cloud encrypted.

online storage subsystem

We were using Cura to slicing the files, Windows File Manager to manage the 3D model, 3D Viewer to view 3D model, Excel to manage invoice and quotation, and Quickbook to record bookkeeping, now we just use Cloud 3d Print.


Accessible Anywhere

Data stored in Cloud 3D Print can be accessed from any browser, smartphone, and tablet.

Safe & Secure

Your files are encrypted using SSL, keeping 3rd parties away.

Efficient Data Management

Automatic organization of data leads to time-saving and optimization.