Make 3D Printing Simple

Revolutionizing cloud 3D print platform to make 3d printing simpler than ever.

  • Connect

    Use our revolutionary control panel to connect with multiple 3D printer in minutes.

  • Configure

    Slice your model for your 3D printer using customized settings in the cloud.

  • Contact

    Monitor your 3D printer's process and review the performance by our customized printing reports.

Control Panel

Connect multiple 3D printers to the internet for remote monitoring and advanced controlling.

Packed with Features

Manage your 3D printers and files from a cloud platform. Access your 3D printing workflow, slicing, monitoring, reporting from anywhere.


State of the art online slicing for beginners but versatile enough for power users.

  • Slice your 3D files for over 150 supported printers or enter your customized 3d printer's data.
  • Customize your slicing profile with our multitude of slicing settings in a browser.
  • View your 3D model in our revolutionary model viewer to help you customize your settings.
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The best all-in-one solution for all your 3D printer monitoring needs.

  • Monitor your 3d printer progress from anywhere in the world.
  • Start and stop jobs on your 3d printers from our cloud platform.
  • Get notifications and alerts about your 3d printer's progress.
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All-in-one project management system to systematically create the jobs, quotations, invoices, expense, to-do-list and much more.

  • Save hours of data entry by using our advanced platform to collect 3D printing data.
  • Generate professional invoices for your projects.
  • Organize your 3d printing project for maximum success and results.
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All-in-one storage for models, gcode, quotations, invoices, expense, to-do-list and many more.

  • Store your 3D models, Gcode files and generated printing reports in our cloud storage solution.
  • Easily manage and access your files across all our supported devices.
  • Free storage space for individuals and upgrade with reasonable price.
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Revolutionary printing reports to help you take printing to another level.

  • Generate 3d print report to assess your 3d printer's and slicing profile's performance.
  • Review your 3d printing habits and their financial impacts to help you prepare better for the next print.
  • Create reports to help you figure out your filament needs for future projects.
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All-in-one Design

Access with any of your devices and manage your 3D printing workflow, storage, slicing, monitoring, reporting anytime and anywhere.

Cloud 3D Print Project Management Page
Project Management
Cloud 3D Print Slicing Page Overview
Slicing Page Overview
Cloud 3D Print Slicing Page
Slicing Page Detail
Cloud 3D Print Camera Monitor Page
3D Printing Monitor
Cloud 3D Print Device Management
Device Management
Cloud 3D Print Invoice Management
Invoice Management
Cloud 3D Print Online Storage
Online Storage
Cloud 3D Print Client Management
Client Management

Compatible with over 150 3D printers

Employing a multi-tier solutions system to make most of 3D printers brands in the world connected to the internet and provide advanced slicing, monitoring, managing, and reporting tools that can ease the 3D printing process.