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Our Internal Training Package is designed to provide customers with an interactive learning experience that equips them with a lot of skill in a short period of time.

Our dedicated professionals teach you or your group through 1-hour screen sharing sessions, with a choice of scheduling either one or three such sessions.

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Our Training Package Benefits

We leave it all up to you: scheduling, curriculum design, topics of discussion, etc. Create your own class and get what you want!

Screen Sharing

Sometimes it is easier to see it in action when learning something new.

Flexible Scheduling

Our product specialists will schedule increments that work for you.

Personalized Curriculum

Each training session is customized to your requests.

Group Sessions

Schedule sessions to train your employees on particular workflows or features.

Custom Workflows

Each business is different. We’ll show you how to use Cloud 3D Print to best fit your business.

Topic Variety

We can discuss a plethora of topics including product usage or any topics related to 3D printers.

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Dedicate Training Package: $129/1-hour Session

This package includes up to three screen sharing sessions with our experts. The content is all up to you. Discuss anything about 3D printing, 3D printers, or Cloud 3D Print, and develop an understanding of the work you are doing.

$129/1-hour Session
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