How It Works

Since this trial plan is free of cost, it only requires you to create a Cloud 3D Print account. Once done with that, you are ready to enter our digital workspace!

Our experts will provide you with onboarding assistance over phone, email, or chat to get you started with our amazing platform.

The Free Package lets a single user support up to 2 3D printers, try out our easy to use slicing and monitoring features, and utilize up to 1 GB of data on our Cloud.

To take a look at our fully featured professional packages, click here.

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6 Free Features


Connecting 3D Printers

Save your 3D printing data without fear of losing it.

Activity Log

Plan your work week using intuitive management tools.


Try out our fully activated online slicing tool on your CAD models.


Watch your 3D printers in action anytime you want.

2 3D Printers

Simultaneously manage 2 3D Printers for better productivity.

Customer Support

Get help via phone, chat or email, your choice.