How It Works

Our Onboarding Assistance Package is a great option for busy retailers who need help with their Cloud 3D Print account.

You can schedule up to three phone calls with screen sharing (within 30 days of purchase) to get your account set up and get started with this revolutionary 3D printing management platform.

This package also includes the cost of your first month of Cloud 3D Print.

By the end of the process, you’ll be a product expert in awe of all the optimizations Cloud 3D Print has introduced in your business.

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Our Onboarding Assistance Package

We will break down each step of the setup process in these calls, including screen sharing. We can cover any of the following topics.

Connecting 3D Printers

Learn to connect your 3D printers to Cloud 3D Print.

Setting 3D Printers

Set 3D printer profiles and print G-Code files.

Online Slicing

Set up profiles and slicing parameters for individual printing materials.

Device Setting

Watch detailed tutorials on how to configure Cloud 3D Panel.

Monitor and Control

Get guidance on how to remotely monitor and control your 3D printers.

Cloud Server

Learn to migrate your 3D printing projects to our cloud server.

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Onboarding Assistance Package: $99

Includes three calls with screen sharing in Zoom. Learn to use our revolutionary 3D printing management platform in the most affordable rates. We will help you out to navigate through our software and address your general queries.

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