Who We Are

Who We Are

We provide revolutionized 3D printing solutions !

Our story

Cloud 3D Print, as an R&D project in Mech Solutions Ltd, started out as just an idea by a group of 3D Printing enthusiasts. Our team members experienced the struggle with the current 3D printing setups, tired of downloading slicing software and losing model files, we were determined to find our own way out. With a dash of expertise, a sprinkle of persistence, a bucket of passion for 3D printing, and voila! Cloud 3D print was born.

We can’t believe we have grown into a team of 30+, all of our team are well-educated where 100% of our hiring have bachelor degree and 50% have master or PhD degree. All experienced professionals share the same passion for 3D printing as our founders. Our goal is always standing in the edge of 3D Printing technology.

Explore our milestones and see how it all began

Q2 2019
We started a pilot project to help our retailing customers to upload 3D models and calculate the price. When we did it in one month, our team felt a sense of accomplishment and decided to go further and to create a platform that could handle all kinds of 3D printing needs.
Q2 2020
We delivered the first generation of the products, which came with control and slicing. We applied a US patent and gained interests from some 3D printer manufacturers. Meanwhile, we secured $250,000 funding from Canadian Federal Government through NRC IRAP for supporting our R&D research project.
Q4 2020
We proposed to apply Artificial Intelligence technology to detect printing failures. So, we started hiring AI experts and collaborated with University of Toronto and Ontario Tech University to hire post-doctoral fellows, PhD and master students. Also, we successfully secured our first angel investment of $250,000 from Launch hub Investors Canada.
Q2 2021
We started alpha testing and published our MVP products. While we got a chance to collaborate with University of Toronto in this quarter, we also obtained $450,000 from NRC IRAP for supporting our deep learning research project.
Q3 2021
We started beta testing and shortlisted 1000 testers from our customer list. Also, we had a great news to sign a commercial contract with BestBuy Canada and became the first resellers to sell 3D printing products across 26 local stores in Q1 2022.
Q4 2021
We released AI failure detection module based on computer vision algorithm after 24/7 data collection, model training and parameter adjustments. We have optimized 10+ latest models and picked one with a good balance of economy and accuracy. More research papers and patents will release soon.
Q1 2022
In next quarter, we will release organization management, SaaS payment, printability check, advanced AI models, and more stable computing engine. If you have any feedback after trial, please let us know.

Our Core Value


We keep utilizing innovative technologies and strive to be the first of our own kind


We deliver reliable 3D printing solutions with ease of use and cloud access.


We deliver reliable 3D printing solutions with ease of use and cloud access.


We provide valuable functions to 3D printing users and increase their productivity.

Supported by

Academic research collaborations, grants, low/no interest loans

Colloborating with us?

Cloud 3D Print can be the right place for your career to take off. We are hiring for a number of key roles across various departments. Check our current listings to see if one of them is right for you. Join our team to stretch your abilities and release your full potential.